Cherry Introduces: Cherry Has A Baby

16th March 2012

Cherry is unexpectedly pregnant at age 28 and utterly horrified by the thought of having to give birth! She doesn't feel ready and she wants to know whether there's ever a 'right' time of life to have a baby.

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  • I love your programmes, is there any chance of putting the full Cherry has a baby episode on here, i have looked for it everywhere? X

  • I would also love if the full episodes were available here! Or anywhere?

  • ditto!

  • Yes please show the whole programme

  • Totally love this programme! My friend is the lovely Stacey who had the homebirth :D

  • Im desperate to see the whole programme but cant find it anywhere online!!

  • Pretty Please can we see the whole programme.

  • Please please can we see this programme again?

  • yes please....I am now pregnant and I would like to see the programme again?

  • I have just view an episode about the trials & tribulations of Breastfeeding. I am a mother of 4, but those years are long ago, as I am now nearly 60 yrs old. So my input is possibly seen as a bit dated. But back when I had my children breast feeding was more the norm, & as part of the prenatal classes, plus booklets handed out etc, there was always info about preparing one’s nipples ahead of time of delivery, so to toughen them up for the job ahead. I do recall by the time I had my last none of this was explained to the mothers to be, so perhaps this old idea could have been the trick to why breast feeding was more successful in earlier era. If Cherry would like to contact me I would be more than willing to tell my story of times gone by. I was only 17 when I had my first & 19 when I had my second, & I dont recall having as much trouble feeding those 2 initially as I did my last 2 children when ideas had changed. But I did experience Mastitis, so I am fully aware how awful that experience is, & I too had to give up at 2 months, then 3 weeks, but by 3rd & 4th child I had more support from medical profession & managed 6 months with the last 2. ps: I live in Australia

  • Pleeeeeeeeeeease bring back the whole programme!

  • Any chance of uploading the whole episode?? I have looked everywhere online and can't find it anywhere!!

  • Yes, like everyone else, I really want to see Cherry has a baby!... It is nowhere online

  • Hi, Im 28, im pregnant and I really want to watch Cherry has a baby! Im driving my hubby mad going on about it.
    I'd even pay to watch it. Pretty pretty please can it be uploaded? I loved the breast feeding documentary, I found it so helpful! Thanks

  • Hi all, I've just seen Cherry has a baby show on the channel 'Really' through cable - and they are showing repeats of it so please look out for it. It was fantastic and as a 28 year old considering my first child with my partner it has really helped me with my decision.

    Thanks Cherry!

  • I love this episode. I have been searching for ages to find a copy of "Cherry's Getting Married". It would be great if it was uploaded here.

  • I have just watched your breast feeding doco & now desperately trying to find the full episode of Having a baby!!! Are they likely to show it on tv again? Im 18 weeks pregnant, originally from the UK but living in Australia. Love your work!

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